May 20, 2011

Put on your happy pants

How do you deal when everything goes wrong? When Murphy and his law are out to get you? When a bad day just gets worse and you become jealous of Alexander from that book? Do you grin and bear it, or do you take it out on those who dare to have better days?

Lately, I've had a lot of bad days. Last week, on my way home from a business trip, the pilot didn't show up for my flight. While I was stuck in the airport, I was assigned a stressful, kind-of-a-big-deal project with a deadline only a few hours away. And since there was no Wi-Fi, rendering my laptop an unwieldy paperweight, I was left to peck away on my blackberry, cursing the pilot who never showed. Several hours later, I finally made it home and had never been so glad to see my driveway. My bad day was over! I walked inside to learn that the air conditioner had gone out, and my living room was 85 degrees. Later, when I had located a good box fan and forgiven Delta, I sat down to blog about my bad day. But Blogger was down. Seriously.

It was one of those days.

Then, before I could even unpack my bags, I came down with the plague of all plagues. I hurt in places where I thought I was too young to hurt. There was fever, there were chills, there were saltines and ginger ale and not much else. It was ugly, and I was so down in the dumps. Just too many bad days in a row, where everything was going horribly wrong.

But of course, I got better and have resumed regularly scheduled programming. And I discovered that my complete loss of appetite for five days had given my waistline a makeover! While I do not recommend the plague diet to anyone and would not wish it on my worst enemy, I could not be happier about spending a few days in a fever-induced stupor and waking up to my figure from three years ago. I can wear my favorite skirt again!

Wardrobe rediscovery

I can wear my gray Express pants - the ones I haven't been able to sit down in since 2008! I have been trying to squeeze back into these pants every fall and spring since I got married. These pants are not stretchy, and they do not forgive even one cupcake more than my allotted daily caloric intake. So these, y'all, are my happy pants.

Wardrobe rediscovery day 2: pants I haven't worn (comfortably) since 2008!

So today, when I arrived at work just as the skies exploded with cannon ball raindrops, I reminded myself of my happy pants. When I walked all the way (FAR!!) to my building from the parking lot through sideways rain, only to realize I had left my laptop back in the car, I walked proudly back to get it in my happy pants. I think you see where I'm going with this.

When everything that could go wrong at work went wrong. When I got stuck in the chiropractor's office without an umbrella during the second deluge of the day. When all I wanted in this world to cheer me up was a giant sweet tea from Chick-fil-A, and instead I got a big swig of UNSWEET tea after I drove away from the window. When I missed my deadline. When I got caught in a THIRD thunderstorm - this time with hail! - on my way home. When I dropped marinara sauce all over my freshly mopped kitchen floor.

When everything is going wrong, at least today, I can comfort myself with my happy pants.

Because I can't move to Australia.

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