August 26, 2013

Starting Now

Things are going to be different. Starting now, I won't ignore my beeping calendar reminding me to run. I won't have half a pizza because eating garbage is easier than spending an hour in the kitchen. I won't sign up for a race and then not start and blame it on the weather, knowing deep down that if I'm honest with myself, I'm not racing because I'm completely unprepared.

Starting now, I'm reclaiming my health and my strength. Now is the perfect time. We're all settled in our new abode, and my neighborhood couldn't be more perfect. There's no more driving to a trail or to town so I can run safely. There's only miles of sidewalks waiting to greet my feet.

Starting now, there are no more excuses.

This blog has been quiet because I haven't been running. But I don't have a reason not to run anymore. Lots of people are busier than I am, and they're training for an Ironman. So I think I can run for 20 minutes. I won't continue being quiet about it, avoiding accountability, avoiding failure. Starting now, I'm setting a goal, and I'm going to achieve it.


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