May 16, 2011

Gold Rush 5K

I set a new PR at the Gold Rush 5K! I (unofficially) finished in 31:47 with an average 10:16 pace, which I was very happy with. Trea finished just under 30 minutes (also unofficially), so we both met our goals!

There wasn't a start mat, only a finish mat, so I'm going by the time on my Garmin, which I started exactly as I crossed the starting line - behind about 800 people. I made the mistake of lining up too far back, thinking it wouldn't matter since the race was described as chip-timed. Then I spent FOREVER trying to run faster than a shuffle among tiny children and strollers just to get to the start after the crowd lurched forward. This definitely wasn't my favorite race, and I won't be running it again. However, Garmin says I finished in under 32 minutes, and that's all that matters! And I finally got to meet Whitney, whose blog I've been reading for several months now. She finished just ahead of Trea, and hung around and cheered for me. Thank you, Whitney!

Another highlight was getting to run with our friend, John.

Gold Rush 5K

He smoked us both and finished ahead of Trea in well under 30 minutes. Way to go, John! He is such an inspiration, always full of energy and encouragement. In just over a year, he has lost 150 pounds (and counting), and he is determined to stay fit and healthy. Check out his story here.

Since this race, there hasn't been much running in my world. I spent several days in Minneapolis, and I only got to run once while I was there. My hotel was downtown, so I took a quick run around Loring Park, just a couple of blocks away.

Running in Loring Park

I was so looking forward to running in the cooler weather of the North, but I arrived just in time for 85 degree temps, hail storms and tornadoes! Ah, just like home.

Since I've been back in Arkansas, the weather has been perfect for running, or so I hear. I've been in bed with the plague since Saturday, and still haven't made it back to the real world. While everyone else is enjoying sunny skies and highs in the 60's, I've barely had the strength to hold up a book.



But I'm hoping I'll be back on my feet soon! The Cancer Challenge 10K will be here in no time!

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  1. You are too cute in your pink and green! Way to go on finishing strong!



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