January 21, 2013

I think I can

Last week, I learned I can run at work over my lunch break, and that little revelation has changed my running life. Running in the sunshine! On a Monday! I discovered showers in my building (no clue how long they've been there), so I can put in a couple of sunny miles, get cleaned up and be back at my desk in no time. Because of my midday workouts, I was able to exercise 6 out of 7 days last week! That never happens -- ever. But I'm determined to get back into an active routine because... I have a half marathon to run

I signed up for the Bentonville Half Marathon in April, and training starts today! I'm following Hal's novice plan, same as last time I ran this race, because even though I'm an experienced runner, I haven't been running very often or very long since my injury. So, better safe than sorry because I don't want to overtrain again.

Trea is planning to race with me, and Saturday we went for our first run together since the Turkey Trot 5K. Our performance wasn't pretty. In fact, it was pretty awful. But the day was gorgeous, and we had a fantastic time for the first 10 minutes before things started to hurt. When it's 62 degrees and sunny in January, I won't complain about a terrible run.

We ran around Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art on some new trails we hadn't explored before, and we found a sculpture crafted in my likeness.

And one for Trea.

I have 11 weeks to whip myself into shape, and I'm already a little bit behind because I'm starting the training plan a week late. But my runs have felt pretty good lately (with the exception of Saturday's), so I'm hopeful I can catch up and be ready by April. 

I think I can!

1 comment:

  1. I KNOW that you can!!!

    Love that you are able to fit in lunchtime workouts. That's something my employer is lacking. (We have a small gym though) Hal won't lead you astray - Hal is The Man!

    So excited to follow your return to racing!



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