April 9, 2012

My own two feet

This weekend, I got the best birthday gift ever -- my first full day with no crutches! 

For about 10 days, I've been using one crutch, gradually testing my hip to see if there was any pain. It also took a surprisingly long time to build strength back up in my right leg so I could walk without the crutch. When I took my first step, my leg buckled like Bambi. (Though I'm sure my hobbling about has more closely resembled The Hunchback.) 

I'm told I don't need physical therapy and that my muscles will quickly remember what to do. I can tell my leg is getting stronger every day, even though it's still extremely weak and looks puny in comparison to my monster left leg that's been picking up the slack for the last 6 weeks. 

I still have to be careful not to walk too much or stay on my feet too long. I'm definitely feeling the effects from walking a little too much at work today and have a slightly achey leg and hip. Trea and I are going on vacation soon, and the doc told me to take my crutches and even use a wheelchair or rent a bike for long excursions. But as long as I can walk around on my own at least part of the time while we're away, I'll be thrilled. Yay for being able to stand on my own two feet! 


  1. Look at you standing all alone - just like a big girl! Woo hoo! GREAT news!!!



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