October 2, 2012

Starting Over

When I started my vacation series of posts, I casually mentioned that I signed up for a 5K. But this is actually a really big deal. Because of this and this. It's been a long year, y'all, but I think I'm finally ready to get serious about a training plan again.

I remember when I first started running in 2010 and how every single run felt difficult. I struggled almost every time I went out, and by the last run/walk interval, I always thought I was going to die. I've been dreading all year that starting-over feeling. But my return to running really is not the same as starting from the beginning at all. My muscles do burn, and my breathing is labored and loud, but my body remembers what it's supposed to do.

I am still a runner.

I love being back in a workout routine. Yes, I could've been in a routine a couple of months ago with biking and swimming, but there's just something about training for a race, having a plan and working toward a goal that has a deadline and a climax. Finding time for exercise is hard for me, but if it's for a race, I'll do it. I even stuck with the plan during work travel and ran by the bay in San Francisco!

Race day is Thanksgiving Day, and I have about 8 weeks to whip myself into shape. So far, things are going really well. Trea is on board and training with me every step of the way, and it's so good to be back out on the road with my best running buddy. I'm following this training plan, and it's proven to be a little bit too easy at times, which is a fantastic feeling.

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I started at week two, and I only ran week two's workouts twice before moving up to week three, which is where I am now. Week three calls for 1:30 running, 1:30 walk, 3:00 running and 3:00 walk, repeated twice. After Trea and I finished that workout the other day for the first time, it didn't feel like we had done nearly enough, so we tacked on another 3:00 run -- uphill. And it felt great.

I know I'm not going to PR this little 5K, and I'll just be happy to finish. But I am beside myself with anticipation thinking about picking up my race packet, getting up early, pinning on my race bib and lining up beside my fellow runnerds. I can't wait!

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  1. This makes me so happy for you! Mostly because I like reading that you still feel like a runner - which you ARE! You've had a tough year. It you've stayed strong when so many would have just completely given up. You're even doing extra credit!
    And yes you *will* PR on Thanksgiving. PRs start over post injury!

    Good luck with your training!



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