November 27, 2011

One week

Today was my last long run before the St. Jude Memphis Marathon, and this week, I've been reminded of what it takes to persevere, keep going when you're exhausted and to never give up. I've mentioned before that I'm running for Team Carson, in honor of my cousin who was treated at St. Jude for brain cancer. And this past week, Carson's story was featured on the TODAY Show! He and his family spent the week in New York and had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Check out his video from the show.

Carson and his parents are such an inspiration. They never gave up, even when it was incredibly difficult, and Carson is with us today because of St. Jude. (If you'd like to make a donation to Team Carson, which goes directly to St. Jude, please visit my St. Jude Heroes fundraising page HERE.) 

So when I'm running my first 26.2 in just six short days, you can bet I'll be thinking of Carson and hoping I can muster a fraction of the strength that he and his family have. As race day looms closer, I'm getting more and more nervous. I just got a new job, and I haven't had much time to run at all the last couple of weeks, so I was even nervous about today's 10 miler. It's the farthest I've run since my 20 mile run two weeks ago...because Trea and I spent last weekend eating bacon instead of running our planned mileage. Ahem.

This morning, we met up with Lori, Alicia, Jennifer and Charles for 10 miles in the freezing cold. The weather was kind of awful, but we were all bundled up, so we had a good, strong run. It was exactly the confidence booster I needed before the big day. I can do this! I think. Probably.

Cold 10 miler

I can't believe we only have a week left -- just six days! -- and then we'll be Memphis bound!


  1. There's no "I think" about it. You can do it for sure! I a, certain you are going to run a great race and have the time of your life doing it!
    Enjoy this week of taper and rest. Get a little extra sleep each night, hydrate like it's your job and think back to all the hard work you've put into your training. The hay is in the barn - you are so ready for this!!!

  2. You can ABSOLUTELY do this! I can't wait to read all about it!

    Oh and how funny that y'all got side-tracked by bacon. I wish I even had that much of an excuse for bypassing my runs/walks! haha!

    How great for Carson and his parents to have such a very cool get-away/experience!

  3. i was searching around for st. jude stuff b/c i'm running the marathon too. just wanted to say good luck this saturday!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be an amazing experience!



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