August 21, 2011

So here's the plan

Marathon training is ON! Week 1 just ended, and I think it was successfulish, considering how busy work and life have been the last few days. I do other stuff (occasionally) besides run, you know.

So here's the plan. I'm following the Run Less, Run Faster plan for first-time marathon runners. I'll run three days a week and cross train two days a week for 16 weeks leading up to the Dec. 3 St. Jude Memphis Marathon. The idea is that by only running three days, I will be less prone to injury and burnout. However, the cross training part is serious. Without that, I don't think even finishing 26.2 is feasible. The plan calls for one day of speed work, one tempo run and one long run each week. I'll eventually build up to 20 miles (!!!) for my long run. Please put me on your prayer list now.

Here's my pretty pink plan (design inspired by That Pink Girl, of course.) Click to make it bigger. Friday and Sunday will be rest days, and though it seems silly to write down "stretch," I actually need reminders to be kind to my sore muscles.

I'll be posting training summaries at the end of each week because I know you're all just dying to know how all my training runs go, and it will help hold me accountable. So here's my recap for week 1:

Speed Rest
I took an unplanned rest day because my previous week's running schedule was off, and I did my long run on Sunday instead of Saturday. That means my legs were useless on Monday. Skip a day, and it throws the whole week off kilter. Lesson learned.

Spin Speed
Since I was off a day on my plan, I chose to make up my run rather than attend spin class. In training for a race, I think it's more important to make sure I get my runs in if I have to choose between running and cross training. BTW, excuses stop here. For the most part.
I ran 2 x 1600 (9:33, 9:35) at the track with a half mile warm up and half mile cool down. I cut the speed work 1 mile short because it was late and someone has to cook dinner.

6 tempo 4 miles
This was a very tough run. I was dehydrated and had to walk a lot and cut it short.

4 miles/49:43/12:12 avg. pace

2 tempo and Spin
I made up for my Wednesday failure by finishing those remaining 2 miles at target pace in the morning and going to spin class in the evening. Redemption.

2 miles/20:00/10:00 avg. pace
Spin class: 50 minutes


8 long
This was the hottest, hardest run of my life. 94 degrees in direct sunlight at high noon with a heat index of 104. This one was ugly. But I got it done!

8 miles/1:38:00/12:15 avg. pace

Total mileage for the week: 17

15 weeks till Memphis!!


  1. First off, yaaaay for marathon training! As itt cools down closer to your race you are going to be SHOCKED at how fast you are!
    2. RLRF, awesomesauce.
    C. Yaaay for pink training plans, I love it!

  2. Love your (pink) Marathon training plan! You are gonna rock your first marathon and I can't wait to read all about it!!! =)



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