February 25, 2011

Two is company

February has flown by! Let's catch up, shall we?

After Snowpocalypse came Snowmageddon. Seriously, y'all. The snow was measured in FEET. In Arkansas!

We were not amused.

But I ran anyway.

We had a fantastic Valentine's Day, in which I was surprised with a gourmet breakfast in bed, cupcakes and books by the Pioneer Woman!

February was rough because of all the snow, but it had its high points. If I've learned anything at all this month, it's that running is so much better with a buddy. When I first started running last year, Trea ran with me, but he didn't really run with me. We would start together and then I would lose sight of him. So I pretty much run by myself all the time. That's what happens when your average pace is classified by others as a brisk walk.

So a couple of weeks ago, on my first ever attempt at running 6 miles - in this snowy mess - my dear, sweet friend, LB, offered to join me. She is a lifelong runner and is super fast. She's been working at it forever and runs trails too, so she's in wicked good shape. But she shuffled along with me for an hour and 20 minutes, keeping me company, chatting about husbands and laughing at silly dogs. When we got to the Crystal Bridges hill - my nemesis that I always quit and walk - she ran in front of me, cheering and clapping and waving her arms, "Come on! Come on! Run faster! Just get it over with!" And I ran all the way to the top! I would've hugged her if I'd had the strength left. Yes, running is definitely better with a buddy.

The following weekend (last weekend) was another 6-miler for me and 8 miles for Trea. Bless his heart, he offered to run the first 6 of his 8 miles with me. We ran the first part of the half marathon course, and he was so kind to let me pick the pace. I actually ran about a minute per mile faster than I normally do because I felt bad for holding him back. I paid for it a few miles in when I had to stop and walk after a big, giant hill. He wouldn't walk with me, but he made sure to stay in sight and let me catch up. We battled 30-40 mph wind gusts and even some rain the last two miles. I was so glad I had a buddy! The weather was awful, and I know I would've quit if he hadn't been with me. Running with your favorite people is the only way to go for long runs!

I have 7 miles on the schedule for tomorrow. Who's with me??

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  1. I'll come run 7 miles with me if you can arrange for the snow to meander this way again! I'd love just one more surprise snow day! (now that I'm not training, ha!)
    Way to go picking up the pace with your man. What a woman!



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