December 31, 2012

2012 in pictures

2012 wasn't what I expected, but as I've looked back on all my iPhone pics from this year, as all good bloggers do on New Year's Eve, I am filled with gratitude for the happiness that I've found. It started rough, but 2012 might just be my favorite year ever. 

I had to stop running for a {long} while for a slow-healing stress fracture.

I learned to embrace cross-training. And goggle eyes. 

I cheered my face off at the Bentonville Half.

And in a desperate attempt to fill my weekends that had previously been spent running and recovering, I found my inner decorator. {Photos before, during and after}

I traveled far and often.

I fell in love with the Windy City

Primarily, because of the pizza.

I hung out with the Lincolns

Found peace in the mountains,

Witnessed otherworldly wonders

And became mildly obsessed with moose.

I rediscovered my love for running 

And ran a 5K on Thanksgiving Day -- my only race of the year.

I learned how to paint at Painting with a Twist!

And I spent the most fun Christmas of my life skiing through a Bob Ross painting with my best friend. {Full story on that coming soon!}

2012 has been filled with adventure and new experiences, and I can't wait to see what 2013 holds. 

Happy New Year!

December 10, 2012

Music Monday

The vacation countdown has begun. In a few short weeks, I will embark upon my first ever ski trip, and my first trip to Colorado that is not a layover at the Denver airport! I am so excited, and I can think of nothing else but snow, fleece, boots and beanies. Because what's more important than accessorizing?

I'm choosing not to think about the skiing part. Not thinking at all about crashing into trees, tearing my ACL, breaking a {nother} bone or spending the day with snow down my pants. Nope, just not thinking about it. I'm sure skiing is cake. 

So it's just a fun coincidence that my favorite running tune lately is Snow Patrol's "Called Out in the Dark." I've loved this Irish voice for years, but a couple of their songs have put a {somewhat mellow} pep in my step. "Chocolate" is another good one for an easy run. On Saturday, I ran 4 miles -- my longest run post injury. My legs were burning, my ankles were tired, but I could've kept going at the end. This was a huge victory for me, and it feels so good to feel good on a run again!

When I'm not running, I have John Denver's Rocky Mountain High on a pretty much constant loop. I am so excited about this trip and have been obnoxiously focused on planning, but I'm starting to look a little farther down on the calendar for race planning too. A spring half marathon is calling my name, y'all.

December 6, 2012

Get out there

Alternately titled, A Pep Talk to Myself.

Many of you have been whining about running in the dark this winter (and by "many of you," I mean me). But it has to stop. Yes, it's cold and dark. Yes, you would rather go home and curl up with a glass of wine after a long day at work instead of strapping on a headlamp and freezing your nose off.

BUT, spring race season is just around the corner! Tank top season is also just around the corner! So here are the Top Five Reasons to Get Out There and run anyway.

1. Running in December is the best way to see Christmas lights! Who cares if you're a freak show with your headlamp, headband, earbuds, Garmin and phone (for safety) strapped to you.

2. For every mile you run, you're burning off a glass of eggnog (or vino), while your non-runner, non-headlamp-wearing friends are just packing on the holiday calories. They might think you're crazy now, but not so much when it's time to emerge from the parka in the spring.

3. Run with kleenex.

4. Number three isn't a reason, but just trust me on that one.

5. Did I mention Christmas lights?! Get in the habit of running in the dark now while there are sparkly distractions on every corner. Because it's really gonna suck in February.

Happy nighttime running!


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