January 18, 2012

Status: Injured

Hey, remember me? I've been busy learning new words lately...like piriformis, gracilis, and iliopsoas. 

I have a hip injury. 

I've had issues with my hip since college. When I started running last year, that aggravated the problem, but it's never kept me from running. Until now. My piriformis and everything around it is all angry and tight, and I haven't run since New Year's weekend. For the last couple of weeks, I've been limping around with some serious, constant hip pain. 

Since I can't run, I've had to learn to cross train and try anything and everything for recovery. I've spent time on the bike trainer watching John Hughes movies, I've seen my chiropractor more often than I care to think about, I've had 4 massages in 2 weeks, and I take every chance I get to stretch inappropriately in public. My hip is getting better, but not better enough to run just yet. 

Oh, and did I mention, the Little Rock Marathon that I'm supposed to be training for is about 6 weeks away? And I haven't run farther than 10 miles since the Memphis Marathon in early December. Things are not going well. 

I've also taken up aqua jogging to try to help my legs and lungs not forget what to do when it's time to run again. This is a new low. 

Aqua jogging is good for moving those running muscles, but it's nowhere near the same level of difficulty as actual running. I tried swimming instead just to get a better cardio workout, but I quickly remembered why I never finished swimming lessons when I was a kid. I swim like a rock, and I hate the water. But the good news is that flailing about and trying not to drown can still make for a decent workout. Luckily, I have a fantastic friend who isn't afraid to wear a floaty belt and has kept me company during pool rehab. 

So, the big question is, will my hip heal in time for me to train for Little Rock? I don't know. I kind of doubt it. My doctor said I can try running again when the pain is 100% gone, but it's not completely gone yet. But even when I do start back, he said not to go run any crazy long distance, like 6 miles or something. 6 miles?! Like that's far? My plan says 16 for this weekend. But I realize that's not going to happen. 

So I'm incredibly sad, disappointed, and all around frustrated with how things are going. The race I trained half a year for went horribly wrong, and Little Rock was supposed to be my do-over. My chance to get it right. But I just don't see how that can happen at this point. I know there are other races, and this shouldn't be a big deal. But I've already registered. The half is sold out, so I can't drop back to a shorter distance. Trea has registered for the full and is still planning to run. So have several of my friends. It's one thing to miss a race, but it's another thing to miss the race you chose that was your idea while you watch everyone else you know running it. And the Little Rock medal? Is HUGE. I want one. 

It's been a rough couple of weeks, but I'm trying to focus on the fact that I'm getting better, even though it's happening WAY too slowly. I'll just keep stretching and resting and we'll wait and see what happens. 


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